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Evelyn Beatrice Banister Memorial Scholarship

Administered by the Farmington Educational Foundation

The Evelyn Beatrice Banister Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship awarded annually to a Farmington High School Senior who best reflects the qualities exemplified by Ms. Banister.  Evelyn understood the financial challenges confronting young men and women who wish to better themselves.  Growing up during the depression, Ms. Banister experienced the hardships and quickly developed an appreciation for the value of an education.  Ms. Banister always strived to give back to the youth of the community through several endeavors.  This scholarship is intended to assist a deserving student who exhibits economic need and academic ability.




  1. Applicant must be a graduating student of Farmington Senior High School.

  2. Applicant will be attending a four-year college or university (private or public) on a full-time basis (full time as defined by the educational institution).

  3. Applicant must demonstrate financial need.

  4. Applicant must demonstrate his or her ranking (as of the end of the first semester of the senior year) in the top 20% of the class.




The following documents must be included with each application:


  1. A completed and signed application form, which is attached.

  2. Write a 600-word type-written essay that focuses on the applicant’s life experiences and achievements, as well as the applicant’s aspirations for the future. The essay must address the eligibility requirements above.

  3. The most recent official High School transcript and evidence of class rank.


An interview with the applicant may be requested.  Applicant will be notified if an interview is desired.   If no suitable applicant is found, the scholarship committee may choose to not present a scholarship.


Disposition of Scholarship Award Money


  1. The monetary award will be sent directly to the scholarship winner.  The scholarship funds must be used for direct expenses incurred.  Any use of funds not used in this manner must be reimbursed, in full, to the Farmington Educational Foundation. Eligible expenses are tuition, books, fees, and supplies needed for class work.

  2. Prior to dispersing this money, the scholarship committee or the Executive Director must receive evidence that the student has enrolled full time.

  3. One thousand ($1,000) will be awarded after the Farmington Educational Foundation receives evidence that the scholarship winner has enrolled.

  4. The student is required to notify the Farmington Educational Foundation in the event the student leaves school, reduces the number of credit hours to part time, or any other non-compliance to either the intent of this scholarship program or its expressed requirements.  Student will reimburse the Farmington Educational Foundation for any funds received.

  5. Student, by accepting the scholarship funds, agrees to reimburse the Farmington Educational Foundation for any funds received but not used for purposes congruent with the intent and requirements of this scholarship program.

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